Trip reports.


                 Trip reports are available for the following dvd's. They are part information, part tongue - in - cheek descriptions of many of the filming trips undertaken since 2006, originally written for and kindly published by TAS [ ].

                 They are useful in that they describe many of the aeroplanes seen and airports visited over the past few years, but most importantly they refer closely to the dvd's themselves.

                 To access the reports, please send me an e-mail [ ] and I will forward the report/ reports to you.

                  Reports are available for the following dvd's;

    2006     JJ02  Anchorage Part 1

                 JJ03 Anchorage Part 2

                 JJ04 Fairbanks

    2007      KK02 Hamburg  

                  KK03 Salzburg

                  KK04 Shanghai

                  KK05 Beijing

                  KK06 Guangzhou

                  KK07 Miami

                  KK08 Toronto

   2008        LL02 Milan

                  LL03 Dallas

                  LL04 Houston

                  LL06 Dubai Part 1

                  LL07 Dubai Part 2  

                  LL08 Moscow Bykovo etc

                  LL09 Moscow Domodedovo etc

   2009        MM02 Bangkok

                   MM03 Hong Kong

                   MM06 Moscow Airshow

                   MM07 Moscow Sheremetyevo

                   MM08 Moscow Domodedovo

                   MM09 Moscow Vnukovo

   2010         NN01 Jakarta

                    NN03 South Africa Part 1

                    NN04 South Africa Part 2

   2011         PP01 Salzburg

                    PP03 Miami Part 1

                    PP04 Miami Part 2

                    PP09 Venezuala

                    PP10 Costa Rica

                    PP11 Bogota/ Villavicencio

                    PP12 Guatemala

   2012         RR02 Manila

                    RR03 Ho Chi Minh

                    RR04 Bangkok/ Singapore

                    RR05 Singapore/ Bangkok/ Kuala Lumpur

                    RR06 Bucharest/ Dublin

                    RR12 Florida Part 1

                    RR13 Florida Part 2  

   2013          SS06 Vancouver

                     SS07 Alaska Part 1

                     SS08 Alaska Part 2

                     SS09 Alaska Part 3