About us



                                                    Well, what to say? I've been filming aeroplanes at airports for some time now. My missus bought me a camcorder for Christmas many years ago and told me to go away - to film some planes! At least that's what I think she meant. Anyway, that was how the filming started and one thing lead to another. Working for a baggage handling agent gave access to some limited staff travel, and by taking my chances, I  was fortunate to be able to travel to places for just a few days at a time and record images of the aviation scene as I went merrily along.

                                                    Although these trips were not without their problems, I look back now at some of the planes seen then which have now gone forever. Take Vancouver in 1998 and Canadian Fokker F28's, or  Los Angeles in 1999 with an Access Air B737-200, or even Mexico City in 2000 for the Allegro B727 etc, etc. I have many still photos of many such planes. More importantly, I have the sound and movement also!

                                                    Some of the filming was done on holiday, while escaping from the missus when she wanted to go shopping - which is quite a lot of the time. Having family in Dallas and Miami is very handy, and accordingly there are quite a few titles stretching back to 1997 covering these areas. Remember B727's of Delta and Sun Country at DFW, or DC8's of Tampa, Fine Air and Zuliana at MIA? They are all on dvd.

                                                    Certain titles were filmed with the main aim of raising money for the Childflight charity. The Manchester 2003, 2008 and 2009 titles are the ones concerned. Each penny raised from the sale of these dvd's goes to the charity, details of which can be found at www.childflight.co.uk.

                                                    I'm sure you will agree that's enough about me. Hope you like the dvd's. They bring back a lot of great memories.   

                                                    Ps All the dvd's come in dvd+r format. [ I think I forgot to mention that point ].